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Featuring an extended coverage frame and a custom designed carbon socket set, the Gunnar Scope gaming glasses offer the serious gamer a unique style with the reliability of Gunnar lens technology to protect their eyes, stay focused and play longer.

  • Eases muscular eyestrain, enhances eye focusing power, sharpens details and keeps eyes from drying out with Fractyl™ lens geometry technology
  • Offers an optical pure viewing experience with ergonomic, ultra-light properties
  • Ionik™ lens tings increases contrast perception and shifts color spectrum for visual efficiency
  • I-Fi™ lens coatings filters glare and reflective light while capturing and amplifying good light

Specifications: lens width: 60 mm | nose: 19 mm | front width: 142 mm | temple: 132 mm

Gunnar Scope Gaming Glasses

  • Age Range: Adult
  • Frame Shape: Wrap
  • Frame Type: Full Frame
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Lens Type: Computer
  • Brand: Gunnar

Gunnar Scope Gaming Glasses

132 mm60 mm19 mm139 mm

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Gunnar Scope Gaming Glasses