Hydrasoft sphere (3 pack)

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Hydrasoft sphere (3 pack) contacts
$83.99 / Box
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Hydrasoft sphere (3 pack) Product Information

Say goodbye to your hard contacts and hello to the Hydrasoft Sphere soft contacts. You can now enjoy the same sharp, clear vision as hard contacts with Hydrasoft Sphere. Offering the widest ranges of prescriptions in the industry, Hydrasoft Sphere is here for you as your own personal customized soft contact lens.

  • Manufactured by CooperVision
  • For a quarterly replacement schedule, order the 3-pack plus the single vial.
  • The 3-pack by itself does not carry a warranty and is therefore not returnable.

Hydrasoft Sphere lenses are made from methafilcon B and is 55% water, which provides optimal breathability for long-lasting comfort.

Yotpo reviews for Hydrasoft sphere (3 pack)